Continued help and connection for residents of low to no-income housing development in downtown Augusta

The Maxwell House

The Mosaic Center provides supportive services to the residents of The Maxwell House, a federally subsidized apartment complex, in downtown Augusta. The Mosaic Center (and Mosaic Church) has had a strong presence at The Maxwell House for more than 10 years.


What we do

We have the joy of providing needed support to residents in a variety of ways, which we refer to as Supportive Services.  We provide several food distributions each month, along with access to emergency food resources.  Residents are provided an opportunity to secure low-cost options for cleaning supplies, paper products, and toiletry items. Transportation and prescription assistance are also resources we make available.  New residents, some of which were homeless, have access to our Welcome Closet where they have access to items that help make their new apartment more usable, comfortable, and a true home. We offer emotional and spiritual support to residents as they face life’s difficult challenges.  We provide a lifeline while sharing the deep truths of Hope and Grace.


The relationships formed between staff, volunteers, and residents lead to growth in community, change in environment, cycles broken, and lives rebuilt.


As we grow, we plan to provide additional TMC programs to include GED, mentoring, and recovery programs. There are multiple ways to connect, volunteer, and donate.  To volunteer contact us at 762-218-2661 or email us

Maxwell House Testimony

The Mosaic Center has helped me start learning how to respect myself and be more encouraged and responsible. And to reach out to tell others about my story. I’ve learned how to be more of a father, too. They have brought me along to where I am today in Christ.

Jerry H.

Resident Maxwell House