The Mosaic Center helps build lives and break destructive cycles of those living in crisis or chronically difficult and chaotic situations by offering individualized and customized training and support in the areas of adult education and employment, special-needs children, and addiction and recovery.

We believe that recovery and growth happen in community and being known and seen is essential. We are focused on breaking spiritual, financial, and relational barriers to transformation-reaching single moms, individuals looking to improve their educational and employment situation, and families with special-needs children needing support and encouragement.

MISSION STATEMENT The Mosaic Center builds lives and breaks cycles by helping individuals eliminate the educational, financial, relational, and spiritual barriers to lasting transformation.

Learn all about our Inclusive Playground Project

An Inclusive playground is a sensory-rich environment that allows children of all abilities and developmental stages to play in the same space. It provides playground equipment that is developmentally appropriate for children with autism or other disabilities and is fun for all! This creates a nurturing environment for our children.

Our vision is to provide a welcoming space so that children of all abilities can experience a deeply caring community that seeks to show the love of God.

The goal of this project is to not only give the children in our community a safe place to play, but also a God-loving community that encourages them to express themselves and explore who God is.

All of our programs are free and are open to anyone in our community who is ready to take the next step in improving his/her life.

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Since the days of Genesis, God’s people have expressed worship through tangible acts of giving.

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