Weekday therapy for children with special needs, twice-monthly outings for young adults on the spectrum, and an outdoor inclusive playground open 7 days a week.

Exceptional Circles is a uniquely collaborative special needs ministry rooted in partnership between The Mosaic Center, Mosaic Church, Easterseals East GA, and The Center for New Beginnings. Exceptional Circles exists to provide support to families with children who have an array of disabilities. We desire to provide a loving, welcoming, and understanding environment where ALL families can grow and thrive spiritually.


The Vision

Parents and caregivers should never have to wonder whether their child will be received with welcome and loving arms, cared for according to their specific needs, or feel unable to be spiritually nourished themselves. At The Mosaic Center, we desire for every child to feel safe and loved while having fun learning about God’s unrelenting love for them. 

And we wish to include the entire community! In addition to the programs listed below, a new inclusive playground is now open to the public 7 days a week. An inclusive playground is intended to give ALL children the opportunity to play and build community with one another. The equipment and layout have been specially designed to allow access to kids with disabilities, yet still provide fun and interest for everyone in the family. It features appropriate sensory- and ability-level play pieces for children with autism and other conditions.

*The Mosaic Center would like to thank its 100+ donors who made the construction of this amazing play space possible! Please click here for a list of our partners and equipment investors.


LIFE on the Spectrum (Learning, Independence, Fun, Employment)

LIFE on the Spectrum is a social group for older teens and young adults* with any and all developmental disabilities. We are blessed to lead LIFE on the Spectrum in partnership with Easterseals East GA, and we’d welcome more partners to join this journey with us. The group meets at The Mosaic Center on the last Friday of the month for a free, themed dinner and group activities (i.e. trivia night, coffeehouse talent show, outdoor games, October costume contests, etc). There is also a monthly community outing like bowling, mini golf, river boat tours, and rock climbing. (The community outings are offered at a subsidized price.) Caregivers/parents are welcome to attend LIFE on the Spectrum events or to drop-off/pick-up — whatever works best for your family situation and your loved ones’ needs.

*Generally, the age range for LIFE on the Spectrum is between 16 and 35, but exceptions can always be made depending on the individual.


Therapeutic Services: The Center for New Beginnings

The Center for New Beginnings (CFNB) provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy to children and young adults on the autism spectrum. ABA therapy with an emphasis on Verbal Behavior (ABA/VB) addresses functional skills, such as language/communication, self-help, play skills, social skills, and complying with instruction. CFNB therapists operate their Evans Clinic from The Mosaic Center facility, Monday through Friday. For more information, please visit their website at www.nbeginnings.org.


Exceptional Buddies

For all children’s activities at Mosaic Church (Sunday worship, Wednesday KidCity, Summer VBS), The Mosaic Center offers Exceptional Buddies: exceptionally trained volunteers who can work one-on-one with children with special needs, as needed. We are here to joyfully welcome your family into a safe place of inclusion and support — and this means welcoming every member of the family into the church community!

A sensory room is also available in the Kids’ Ministry area. It is a specialized playground (complete with indoor treehouse!) for kids of all developmental levels. Friends of all abilities can play together, improving their mobility skills while they slide, jump, and swing!      

Volunteer Training and Support

The Center for New Beginnings provides volunteer training and support for our Exceptional Circles team. Exceptional Circle volunteers are trained in caring and supporting children with a variety of needs – from sensory processing disorders to physical disabilities to autism spectrum disorder. Our volunteers are CPR certified, first aid certified, and background checked.

For more information about our Exceptional Circles programs and events, please contact Jenni Grace, Director of Family and Children’s Discipleship at jenni@mosaicchurchevans.org (or call her at 770-633-8172).

“Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who has promised is faithful.” – Hebrews 10:

Exceptional Circles Testimony
We are so grateful for Exceptional Circles Kids Night In! Sadie has had so much fun! We have been able to enjoy a date night knowing that Sadie is being well cared for and having a blast. Everyone has been so welcoming to our family. It truly is a gift.

Susie Lovecamp