The Mosaic Center’s GED tutoring is free, flexible, and self-paced. Taking that first step into a better future.​

The Problem

Over 30,000 individuals living in the CSRA do not have their GED – the first and main step in the pathway to better employment, higher wages, and job satisfaction. Time and time again studies show that income is almost always proportional to education. Individuals with no high school diploma make almost $20,000 less than someone with an associate degree. In addition, people without a high school diploma are often stuck in jobs that pay minimum wage with no hope of advancement.

Source: US CENSUS.

Our Impact

Our GED program is the only free, customized, and self-paced adult (age 18 and above) program in Columbia County.

We offer:
~ One-to-one help from tutors
~ Flexible class times
~ Learning at your own pace
~ Lessons on all GED subjects
~ Computer-skills lessons
~ Interview-skills lessons
~ Job assistance
~ A friendly and relaxed place to learn
~ Resume building


We hold registration for new students every week. We are also open all year.

This means there is no time limit on your education. You can start whenever you are able and can be with us as long as you need. 

Ready for a better future? A more fulfilling job? Better financial prospects?

Come to The Mosaic Center to register and begin classes immediately. For registration or information please contact us at 762-233-8050 or email us at or or show up on Monday or Wednesday at 9am to The Mosaic Center, 478 Columbia Industrial Blvd, Evans, GA 30809.

Anna Mallory 2020 GED Graduate
My tutors at Mosaic’s GED program were so helpful, caring, and dedicated. They helped me so much with getting my GED. I am now able to do what I have always wanted to do – go to school to become a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer.

Anna Mallory

2020 GED Graduate