The Mosaic Center builds lives and breaks cycles by helping individuals eliminate the educational, financial, relational, and spiritual barriers to lasting transformation.

Columbia County lacks coordinated care for those living in crisis or chronically difficult situations. 

Our vision to support education, employment, and those who live with disability was born out of the success of Mosaic United Methodist Church’s Third Saturday ministry. For 8 years, Third Saturday offered hope and tangible support to our community through health screenings, WellCare registration, diapers and children’s supplies, food, prayer, and more. As Third Saturday grew, we created deep partnerships with service providers, government entities and professionals willing to serve as resources and mentors.

The Mosaic Center was borne out of a survey taken by our guests at Third Saturday asking them what their main needs were that were not being addressed. Overwhelmingly the answers to this survey were getting help with obtaining a GED, employment, and support and encouragement for families with special-needs children.

Our Partners

Mosaic Church

Christ the King Lutheran Church

Creel Harison Foundation

Columbia County Commissioners Office

The Center for New Beginnings

Maxwell House

CSRA Community Foundation

Women of Philanthropy

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