WOW for Women by Women

What We Do

Women of Worth is The Mosaic Center’s proven and evidence-based economic and social program helping women uncover their skills, talents, and interests. Our year-long program helps our participants develop financial literacy, find fulfilling employment, and increase their access to local resources and connections.

The Problem

Women are overwhelmingly the largest unemployed demographic in our community. Many single mothers are underemployed or unemployed. Women of Worth is designed to help our participants gain more fulfilling employment.

What Women of Worth offers:  

~ 1:1 tutoring with a community leader
~ Monthly group meetings with a professional leadership
~ Resume and cover-letter preparation
~ Financial counseling
~ Interview skills
~ Conflict resolution
~ Dinner and childcare

Take action:  Interested in being a participant in Women of Worth?  Women of Worth meets every second Monday of each month at The Mosaic Center.

After losing my job, I didn’t know where to turn. WOW has helped me stay positive, focused, and confident in my job search. My mentor keeps me motivated and I really appreciate the fellowship and prayers from the other women in the program. I have learned valuable personal, financial and employability skills. Women of Worth has been a true Godsend for me!