Leading women through spiritual, personal, and financial growth with mentoring and access to local resources

What we do

Women are overwhelmingly the largest demographic in our community; and for those who are recovering from incarceration, addiction, domestic/relationship violence, and other life-altering challenges, the barriers can seem insurmountable. That is why Women of Worth (WoW) helps our participants develop spiritual, social, and personal stability, as well as the practical tools that lead to financial literacy and fulfilling employment. The Mosaic Center’s year-long program leads women to reclaim their identities, dignity, and God-given talents.

What we offer

* 1:1 tutoring with a female mentor who has experienced and risen above similar challenges (weekly)

* Group meetings with a professional leader (monthly)

* Workshops teaching resume and cover-letter preparation, financial literacy, and interview skills (quarterly)

* Conflict resolution techniques

* Confidence and self-esteem development

* Trust-building methods, to include increased comfort with personal vulnerability

* Paths to reclaim identity in Jesus Christ, rather than self-judgment by societal standards

Interested in being a participant in Women of Worth? Interested in being a mentor? Click the links below to register for WoW,  take a personality test, or become a Mentor.  You may also contact Gerilyn at gerilyn@themosaiccenterevans.org or The Mosaic Center at info@themosaiccenterevans.org.

After losing my job, I didn’t know where to turn. WOW has helped me stay positive, focused, and confident in my job search. My mentor keeps me motivated and I really appreciate the fellowship and prayers from the other women in the program. I have learned valuable personal, financial and employability skills. Women of Worth has been a true Godsend for me!


WOW Participant