The Welcome Closet

For our friends who don’t have anything when they move into their apartment at The Maxwell House, we’d like to provide an opportunity for them to shop in our welcome closet so that they can begin to make their new place a HOME. Here is a list of the contents of a welcome basket.

We are accepting new or “like new” items…please contact Shari Fulmer to coordinate. or 762-218-2661.

  1. Kitchen towel, dish rag, potholder
  2. Casserole or baking dish for oven
  3. Pot/pan for stovetop
  4. Strainer
  5. Toilet paper and paper towels
  6. Bowl/plate/cup/utensils for 2
  7. Small laundry detergent
  8. Small dish soap
  9. Plastic shower liner and shower rings
  10. Can opener
  11. Laundry Basket
  12. Lamp with a bulb
  13. Bath mat
  14. Food storage container
  15. Pillow and blanket
  16. All-purpose cleaning spray
  17. Trash can


Contact Shari Fulmer at to get involved.