Carolyn Moore

Carolyn Moore

Carolyn is the lead pastor at Mosaic Church. She has been leading recovery groups for 16 years, as a grateful follower of Jesus who is celebrating 27 years of sobriety. Free Tuesdays Chemical Dependents group welcomes folks struggling with an addiction to any chemical substance. We use a combination of the 12 steps, scripture and prayer to help us better understand our relationship with God and ourselves, so we can find healing.​

Krista LaCroix

Krista LaCroix

Krista is a co-leader for Free Tuesday's Chemical Dependents group. She is a grateful believer in Jesus Christ and is 2 1/2 years sober. She is very dedicated to her recovery and willing to help others find their freedom in recovery.

Cindy Wilkinson

Jesus redeemed Cindy's life from the pit (the one someone else threw her into and that she then decided to stay in). Hallelujah! He gives abundant life and makes all things new, bringing beauty and life from even our worst. Sharing His life with others in a recovery group (co-dependents) makes Cindy more honest, more compassionate and humble. The Scripture becomes His food for our souls, and we are tied together in the unity of His Holy Spirit. We walk beside each other on this climb!

Shari Fulmer

Shari is the Program Director at The Mosaic Center @ Maxwell House. She provides supportive services to the residents of Maxwell House. Shari works one-on-one with individuals to help them get their needs met, reach their goals, and improve their patterns. Shari, ultimately, is working those encounters to share the Hope and Grace of Jesus.

Linda Cutcliffe

Linda Cutcliffe

Originally from Western PA, Linda moved with her family to Evans in 2003 and attended Mosaic's first worship service at Evans High School in Feb. 2004. She's been an active member ever since, serving first as Treasurer and also as a small group leader. Over the past 10 years, Linda has found her purpose and joy in serving through the Pantry Ministry. She believes providing physical food to those in need opens the doorway to providing spiritual food--sharing the love and hope she has found in Jesus.

Gerilyn de Laurentys

Gerilyn de Laurentys, Realtor with Market House Realty, wife, and mom of two boys, leads the Women of Worth program at The Mosaic Center. She enjoys being a positive influence in women's lives and strives for excellence in all she does. Gerilyn has a passion for following Jesus and loving life.

Jenni Grace

Jenni is the Children's Coordinator for Mosaic Church and loves working with children, so it is only right that she is the Coordinator of Exceptional Circles, working with our partners New Beginnings to bring stability into the home with Kids Night and support for parents and special needs children.

Kimberly Utley

Kim is the Program Director of the GED program. She has a love to help educate others. She has a BA in Journalism and teaching cerficate from Augusta University with MA in Adult Vocational Education. She retired in 2014 from Columbia Board of Education as a High School/Middle School teacher. She was a GED instructor at Augusta Technical College and loves to help out at her church Christ the King Lutheran in Evans.

Mary Worsham

Mary tutors and helps in the GED program. She has a passion to help others and was a substitute teacher for 17 years at Lakeside Middle school. An Airforce veteran, she gives many hours every week making sure others have the opportunity to learn and grow. Her degrees in Social work, sociology, and criminal justice have given her many opportunities to use her engineering and technical skills in this program.