Free Tuesdays is open to ANYONE experiencing the devastating effects of addiction and is ready for group support.

UPDATE: As of February 2023, Free Tuesdays will be administered by Mosaic Church, rather than The Mosaic Center. All program times and details remain otherwise unchanged. For more information, contact Heather Hill at


We use a combination of the 12 steps, Scripture, prayer, and conversation. You do not need to be a member of Mosaic Church to attend Free Tuesdays.


Who are we?

We are people on the road to restoration. We are individuals in recovery from substance use disorder, co-dependence disorder, pornography abuse, and other issues created by our own choices and past mistakes. For us, that road to recovery runs through our belief in Christ and his teachings to a place of relief and forgiveness. We use the 12 steps, conversation, prayer, and education about how our minds and bodies work to create a new pathway toward improved physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental health. Our goal is that you will be set free to love God and others in life-giving ways.


What happens in group meetings?

A recovery group invites you into a process of exploration with others who are on a similar journey. You get an unhurried, non-judgmental space to figure out where you are and where you’d like to be. On the first Tuesday of the month, we gather as a large group at Mosaic Church for worship music and a solid teaching that is both practical and biblical. The 3 following Tuesdays, we break into smaller groups based on the need for conversation, encouragement, and accountability. The 3 break-out groups currently being offered are listed below:


Recovery from chemical addiction

If you struggle to be set free from a substance that negatively affects your life (alcohol, prescription meds, illegal drugs, cigarettes, or other substances), this group is for you. We start with the 12 steps as a way of understanding Christian growth, and we bring in resources that help us understand how the addicted brain affects behavior, and how freedom in Christ gives the greatest opportunity for becoming whole. Led by Krista Lacroix and Carolyn Moore. For more information, email Krista at


Recovery from spiritual trauma or abuse

Starting in September 2022, Free Tuesdays will be offering a new recovery group to help those who have experienced spiritual trauma or abuse. If your connection to God has been hurt by church or faith experiences and you find it difficult to trust God (or those who express faith in God), please consider joining. A healthier approach to spirituality is available. Led by George Lutz. For more information, email


Recovery from codependency

For those who have found themselves in one-sided, emotionally and spiritually destructive relationships, the codependency recovery group will help participants learn the difference between deception and truth. We will learn together how to pray and seek the Lord for healing. Led by Cindy Wilkinson. For more information, email Cindy at

Free Tuesdays meets at: Mosaic Church, 478 Columbia Industrial Boulevard, Evans, GA 30809

                                                                                                                  Childcare is provided for children up to 5th grade.

For more information, contact us at 762.233.8050 or email

Free Tuesdays

In March of 2020, I had 2 years of sobriety because of Free Tuesdays. The Mosaic Center has been life changing and an inspiration in my life. I feel like we have the best support team to help anyone who is struggling or feels broken. Just like the name Mosaic, we are all broken but when we work together, we become a beautiful mosaic.

Krista LaCroix

Free Tuesdays SUccess